The Academy and community will work together to make our kids strong in both Bininj (Aboriginal) and Balanda (non-indigenous) learning, so that when they grow up they have the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to make good life choices. 

Our vision statement has been developed by members of the Kabulwarnamyo community, who have long expressed a desire to educate their children on-country and create learning experiences based on the unique languages, culture and environment of the Warddewardde (Arnhem Plateau).

By working with partners and stakeholders Nawarddeken Academy will:

Empower young people to be strong and confident in both worlds and become ambassadors for the Warddewardde

Preserve languages and culture of the Warddewardde through bilingual and bicultural experiential learning

Promote intergenerational education where communities share learning experiences


Support the social, cultural, emotional and physical wellbeing of every child



The guiding principals that underpin the design, development and operation of the school are to:


Respect and integrate customary modes of learning and be guided by our old people.


Generate and maintain strong and genuine community ownership and involvement.


Give primacy to Indigenous language, identity, culture and values.


Maintain Indigenous knowledge.


Instill high expectations in students, parents and staff.


Develop and deliver a unique curriculum based on land, language and culture; incorporating formal and informal approaches, emphasising mental and physical health, and cultivating individual and collective respect and responsibility.


Equip students to be productive and respected adults in both cultures.


Incorporate flexibility enabling continuous improvement and positive responses to changing circumstances.


Exploit all available technology to overcome the penalties of remoteness.


Recruit, support and retain high quality staff.