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Board of Directors
Conrad Maralngurra (Board).jpg

Conrad Maralngurra - Chair

Conrad is a senior Traditional Owner of the Ngalngbarli clan estate and he resides at the homeland community of Mamadawerre. Conrad has worked as an educator, previously holding assistant teacher positions at Gunbalanya School and Mamardawerre Homeland Learning Centre.  Conrad is multilingual, speaking Kunwinjku, Maung, Yolngu Matha and English.  He is a talented musician who plays the didgeridoo and guitar. He has been a Director of Warddeken Land Management since 2013 and has previously been a regional representative on the Northern Land Council, a Director of Demed Aboriginal Corporation and a member of Norforce.


Michelle Bangarr

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Terrah Guymala

Terrah is a Bordoh clan member and Traditional Owner of the Ngorlkwarre estate within the Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area.  Terrah has been a Warddeken Ranger since 2007 and is a Senior Ranger at the Manmoyi ranger base.  He is deeply passionate about building Warddeken and Nawarddeken into a strong companies that can assist Bininj to continue living and learning on their homelands.  Terrah has been a director of Warddeken since its inception and is a member of the Arnhem Land Fire Abatement (NT) board of Directors.  Terrah joined the Nawarddeken Board in February 2023.  Terrah is a talented musician with an impressive career spent performing both solo and with the band, Nabarlek.


Mavis Jumbirri

Mavis is a Traditional Owner of the Djorrorlom clan and a leader of the Barunga and Manyallaluk communities where she resides.  Mavis is experienced in governance, also sitting on the boards of Warddeken Land Management Limited and Mimal Land Management Limited, having customary responsibilities for Country in both management areas.  Mavis has worked for many years as a youth worker, facilitating back-to-country trips and diversionary programs for at-risk youth.  She is passional about the education of the next generation of leaders.

Neil Leek.jpg

Neil Leek

Neil has spent the past 35 years in Business Management in independent schools in Darwin, Alice Springs, Perth, and Adelaide. After qualifying with a Bachelor of Business from Curtin University, Neil looked for more meaningful employment than taking up pure accounting, commencing his new career in in independent schooling in Darwin in 1986. Over the years Neil has built up significant experience in the many aspects of school operations including financial management, strategic planning, master planning and the development of new schools. Neil has been actively involved in the Associations of Independent Schools in the NT and WA, Block Grant Authority NT Board, and Treasurer and Board member of Baptist Care NT Ltd, and Foodbank NT.

Lorina M.jpg

Lorina Maralngurra


Lorina grew up in Mamadawerre and is a Traditional Owner of the Ngalngbali clan estate, which is in the northern ward of the Warddeken IPA.  Lorina completed her secondary education in Gunbalanya and was part of the 2016 graduating class.  Since then, she has worked as a ranger with Warddeken Land Management Limited and played a critical role in linking ranger work with the school, working closely with Board members and teachers to create a safe and strong place for students to learn and grow.  She regularly takes students out on weekly bush trips, where she passes on cultural knowledge and important ranger skills.  Lorina's dream is to see kids go to school every day out on Country and to grow up strong so they can have a better future.

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Margie Moroney

Margie has worked as a finance industry professional for almost 30 years, in the first place with global banking organisations including Prudential-Bache securities, Baring Securities and Hambros Bank. Subsequently, she specialised in corporate advisory work in the agribusiness sector, consulting to organisations including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), AMP private investments, the Australian Primary Trust, plus a large range of Government and semi-government bodies, and Statutory Marketing Authorities. Margie has been on the Boards of Wool International, a range of Pooled Development Funds and investment vehicles, and was the inaugural Chair of the CSIRO Textile, Clothing and Footwear Sector Advisory Committee.


Milly Naborlhborlh

Milly is a Bordoh Traditional Owner of Manmoyi and has been working with Nawarddeken at Manmoyi since it opened in 2021.  She loves working with the wurdurd, supporting them with their learning in English and teaching them cultural knowledge out on Country.  Milly started working as a Warddeken ranger at 17 years of age and continues to engage in rock art and biodiversity conservation projects.  Milly also loves fishing and camping with family and friends.

Eliza Nadjamerrek.jpg
Eliza Nawirridj

Eliza is a Wurrik Traditional Owner for Mandedjkadjang in the north of the Warddeken IPA and began working with Nawarddeken Academy in 2015, leading the Early Learning program in Kabulwarnamyo.  Eliza contributes weekly to the bush trips and has strong cultural knowledge of family kinship and the history of the IPA.  Eliza has two young sons who are Traditional Owners of the Mok clan estate, and she loves going fishing with her extended family out on country.

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