Learn more about the vision driving this project and the guiding principles that will shape the way this school operates.

We cannot do this alone and we recognise that relationships will be at the heart of what makes this school extraordinary. Get in contact with us if you would like to be a part of our journey.

The Nawarddeken Academy is entirely privately funded and we need all the help we can get turning this dream into a reality.

The Nawarddeken Academy is a unique bi-cultural school in the remote indigenous community of Kabulwarnamyo (Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area, western Arnhem Land). It was established at the request of local indigenous elders and has been operating since August 2015.

The Nawarddeken Academy began as a one-teacher school with eight students. The Academy now has two permanent teachers, three casual Indigenous teaching assistants, an Executive Officer and 16 students. 

It has grown from the capacity to teach 12 students to the current capacity to teach 30 students (20 primary and 10 early childhood). Students have made outstanding progress in literacy and numeracy. The community has joint ownership of Nawarddeken Academy, actively oversees the direction of the school and participates in the education of its children on a daily basis.

An average school day begins with literacy and numeracy, integrated with science, history and geography and consistent with the national curriculum. After lunch, students focus on cultural learning activities guided by the community and ‘bush trips’ that take advantage of the unique natural environment and cultural setting in which the school is situated.